Cleaning your dock

We’ve all heard advice from well meaning neighbors and friends on how to care for your dock.    So, we’d like to share them all here. Let us know what works for keeping it clean during the year and we’ll share it with all!

For starters,  here’s some information.

  1.  When choosing dock finishes, make sure you are considering the water quality and the health of fish and wildlife.  It is best not to stain or paint the upper surface of your dock.  You may however try some of the new sealants that have low volatile organic compounds – they harden the wood so they absorb less water.  Ask at your local hardware store.
  2. Be cautious with cleaning. Use ONLY environmentally safe products that won’t impact the water quality.  Try this:
    1. A 3 to 1 blend of olive oil and white vinegar for general stains.
    2. Baking Soda and water for oil stains, as well as aluminum and steel attachments.
    3. If you use a pressure washer,  only have as much pressure as necessary to remove the soil without removing some of your wood!



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